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Caddy on the Beach

The Multivan Freestyle.<br>For destinations along the way.

The Multivan Freestyle is perfect for all those who love their freedom. Equipped with privacy glass in the passenger compartment, the Good Night package and a comfortable sleeping surface, the Multivan Freestyle is always the perfect option for camping. And since comfort is more than just a bed, the integrated folding table can also be set up outside – along with two matching folding chairs stored space-savingly in the tailgate. In the luggage compartment the sturdy multiflex board performs two functions: as an additional storage surface and as an extension for the sleeping surface. The exclusive colour design with a Summer Blue paint finish and seat upholstery with a blue centre stripe inspires you to take a journey into the unknown.


  • Folding chairs in the tailgate
  • Multiflex board
  • Tailgate with integrated lighting
  • A mini torch that can be recharged in the 12 V socket
  • Washable bed cover
  • Three drawers underneath the 3-seater bench seat

Interior & Exterior.

  • Comfortable sleeping surface
  • Good Night package with blinds for the windows
  • Exclusive “Kutamo” cloth seat upholstery with blue centre stripe
  • Exclusive Summer Blue paint finish1
  • Embossed door handles, exterior mirrors and bumpers
  • Colour-coded tailgate handle
  • B-pillar in matte black
  • “Freestyle” lettering on the vehicle sides2 in matte black3
  • “Freestyle” lettering on the vehicle sides2 in high-gloss silver4
  • Privacy glass in the passenger compartment
  • 17-inch designer steel wheels with centre cap

De luxe and plus packages.

Optional De Luxe Package.
For greater comfort the package includes the following: De luxe dash panel, “Air Care Climatronic” air conditioning, “Dark Silver Brushed” decorative trim and “Anthracite Metallic” decorative insert.

Optional Freestyle Plus Package.
For even greater style the package includes the following: LED headlights, LED tail lights, headlight cleaning system and 17-inch “Devonport” alloy wheels.

Modern mobility.

With the Car-Net mobile online services.

The future of mobility is now the present – and available as an option in your Volkswagen. The Car-Net mobile online services enable you to enhance your vehicle, transforming it into an Internet-based information centre. Today you can already access numerous practical Car-Net Guide & Inform services, along with helpful Car-Net App-Connect apps. The range of apps is also constantly increasing.

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