, 2019-07-05 00:05:51
 Crafter Kombi

The Crafter Kombi.

Extremely comfortable and adaptable.

The Crafter Kombi excels with a generous amount of space for both comfortable passenger transport and commercial use. Whether you need a comfortable shuttle bus for hotel guests, transport to and from construction sites for your employees, or a vehicle for freight only – take advantage of the versatility of the Kombi‘s passenger compartment for your specific purposes.

Take advantage of the versatility.

The Crafter Kombi is as varied as your working day and offers all passengers plenty of space and room for luggage. In addition, work equipment can be stowed safely and comfortably.

Developed for heavy-duty use.

Efficient common rail technology makes the 2.0 l TDI engines for the Crafter Kombi particularly economical. Optional BlueMotion technology allows you to further reduce the fuel consumption.

Always relaxed on the road.

The Crafter Kombi can provide almost anything you might need from a light commercial vehicle. A spacious interior, high-quality radio and navigation systems along with heating and air conditioning systems ensure plenty of comfort.

For even greater driving comfort

Innovative driver assistance and safety systems support you in critical situations and help you to avoid dangers. Look forward to a true all-round talent.