The Right Tyre Pressure.

Less fuel consumption. Higher safety standards.

It is very important to ensure that your tyres are kept at the correct pressure: If it gets too low, you’ll not only increase fuel consumption and tyre wear, but may also experience overheating and at worst, the tyre may even burst. If it’s too high on the other hand, the car will be less comfortable to drive and the tyre will have less contact with the road surface.

Do you know the right tyre pressure for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle?

You can find this information and more on the fuel cap or driver’s door pillar in your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. Always use the tyre pressure Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles recommends for a full load. This will reduce roll resistance and therefore fuel consumption.

Tyre Monitoring Indicator. Pressure at a glance.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers an optional tyre monitoring indicator for many of its models. This warns the driver if the pressure in one of the tyres drops too low. The optional tyre pressure monitoring system takes this one step further. It shows the exact pressure of each individual tyre.


Please note: Both of these systems are designed to help the driver to monitor their tyre pressures. They do not release the driver from their obligation to check the pressure regularly themselves.    

Disclaimer by Volkswagen
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