, 2019-07-05 00:05:51

Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts.

High quality at a lower price.

When our Volkswagen Genuine Parts® wear out after many miles on the road, they still hold valuable material and energy. That is why Volkswagen accepts used parts, reconditions them and offers them to its customers as Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts. There is no change to their fit, so you save additional costs for subsequent modifications. As we make even complex components reusable, including engines, you can save up to 40% of the manufacturing costs compared with new parts.

The range of Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts includes:

  • Gear boxes    
  • Engines and engine heads 
  • Clutch plates and thrust plates 
  • Injection pumps and injectors 
  • Starter motors    
  • Drive trains    
  • Water pumps 
  • Turbochargers    
  • Catalytic convertors    

And Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles provides a two-year guarantee on Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts.

For more information, speak to your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Retailer.