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Transporter Dropside

The Transporter Dropside.

1. Transporter Dropside Range Consumption l/100km (high to low): urban 6.7 - 8.7, extra-urban 5.8 - 6.8, combined 6.4 - 7.4. CO2 emissions g/km (high to low): 167 - 195.

Optimally prepared for every challenge.

The Transporter Dropside takes performance to new dimensions: more heavy machinery, more equipment, more loading, more manpower. The modular concept means that the loading surface, equipment and passenger capacity perfectly suit your requirements. The running gear is available with optional rough road suspension, and damping for use on uneven surfaces.

Starting from

Starting from

Prepared for every job.

The Transporter Dropside utilises a modular system enabling the perfect configuration of the loading surface and the equipment. It also provides space for up to 6 people.

Advanced engine technology.

The Transporter Dropside engines of the latest generation comply with the Euro 6 emission standard and provide convincingly low fuel consumption. Ground-breaking technologies provide further fuel savings.

Cleverly thought out.

Comfort features such as modern heating and air conditioning along with high-quality infotainment systems ensure that every journey with the Transporter Dropside is a pleasure.

A high level of safety on every journey.

Innovative driver assistance and safety systems support you in critical situations and help you to avoid dangers. Look forward to a true all-round talent.

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