The ID. Buzz Cargo

ID. Buzz Cargo1commercial mobility in a new dimension

What demands do you have on a modern commercial transporter? Electric drive, sufficient loading space volume and at the same time suitable for long journeys. Thanks to the innovative ID. Buzz Cargo with digital systems and many intelligent features designed to make your working life easier,  we bring the new generation of commercial mobility to the streets. Visually inspired by the first Bulli, the new ID. Buzz Cargo is the first all-electric van from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The result: A powerful and innovative commercial vehicle that masters almost all the challenges of your everyday work.

Redesigned cargo space 

Large cargo space, with compact dimensions and at the same time fully electric: The ID. Buzz Cargo is poised to redefine commercial mobility. Thanks to its modern loading space design, it impresses with space for two euro pallets loaded sideways and offers a large loading volume of up to 3.9 cubic meters and payload of 650 kg. There is also plenty of space for the clever storage concept in the cockpit, in which almost all everyday work items can be neatly and safely stowed away – from work gloves to folding rulers. With its powerful e-drive, trailer loads of up to 1,000 kg can also be easily attached to the optional device.

More sustainability for modern commercial mobility

The new ID. Buzz Cargo offers modern mobility for almost every trade - even if you have to cover longer distances. Delivered on a CO2 -neutral basis , the ID. Buzz Cargo travels up to 425km without recharging. 

Technology of tomorrow 

The new ID. Buzz Cargo supports you in your everyday work with numerous digital features and future-oriented technology. Optionally equipped with over 30 assistance systems and good visibility thanks to optional LED matrix headlights, the new ID. Buzz Cargo offers a high level of comfort and quality. At the same time, it is "always on", thanks to the integrated SIM card. With over-the-air updates via We Connect , the software can be conveniently updated at the touch of a button.

Well thought out: lots of space in a small area

Compact dimensions, but still a lot of loading volume and fully electric. Due to its modern MEB platform, the new ID. Buzz Cargo maximises its loading space: two Euro pallets loaded sideways can be accommodated on the loading area. The fixed partition between the driver's cab and the loading space can be fitted with a window and a loading opening if required. In addition, the new ID. Buzz Cargo offers great manoeuvrability: Its small turning circle of just 12.5 meters pays off, especially when working on the narrow streets of the big city. Manoeuvrable, variable and spacious with compact dimensions: This is how the new ID. Buzz Cargo is up to almost every challenge of modern commercial mobility.

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