How can I charge up?

In Ireland, e-mobility will have a long-term impact on how we fuel our vehicles. You no longer need to drive to a filling station in Ireland, thanks to an ever-increasing number of public charging points. Your electric vehicle's battery can be charged practically anywhere: at home using a domestic socket, using a Wallbox, at public charging stations, or at rapid charging stations. Once you've tried it, you'll see it's virtually as simple as charging your phone.

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What you need to know about charging your electric vehicle 

EV owners can charge their vehicles at home using a dedicated charging station. These charging stations will charge the car safely at a rate that is compatible with the power supply. Home charging point chargers in Ireland range from 3.6kW to 7.2kW. To learn more, speak with your electrician.

Charging at charging stations, such as those provided by your employer, is also a viable option. A tethered charging cable is generally included. If a public charging station does not have a tethered connection, you can use the charging cable that came with your vehicle, which you should have in your boot at all times.

AC Charging 

With AC charging, the rectifier built into the vehicle converts the electricity from the public AC grid into the required direct current. Every electric vehicle may be charged with alternating current. Depending on the charger used, the charging power and time are also different. An AC station is usually sufficient for a complete charging cycle if a driver spends several hours at a site - such as the company premises.

Type 2 Connector (Mennekes plug)

The type 2 plug (also known as the Mennekes plug) is compatible with the European AC charging standard. It charges at a slower rate, although most public charging stations have at least one type 2 charging outlet. If you have a wallbox at home or at work, the charging capacity of up to 11 kW is enough to charge completely overnight or recharge the typical weekly energy requirement during the day.

From a socket to a rapid charging station: How fast your battery charges.

As a general rule, the higher the charging power, the faster the charging process will be. However, depending on the status of charge in the battery, the time required can vary significantly. Conditions such as ambient temperature and battery temperature play a role in recharging the battery. The fastest way to charge your vehicle is to use a Wallbox or AC charging station.