Service Quality

Make sure your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle is in the best hands.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are built to the highest standards so it’s important to carry out the correct regular checks, servicing and maintenance ensuring continued efficiency and reliability for your van. In Ireland there are 40 Authorised Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Service Centre’s and 9,250 spread throughout Europe. No matter where you are in Ireland or Europe the team that knows your vehicle best are not far from where you work, rest and play. To ensure your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle gets the care it requires our Authorised Service Centre’s must also achieve the highest standards that the vehicles were originally built with. Below is an example of the standards Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles insist on for taking care of you and your vehicle.

The benefits at a glance.

  • Quality service and maintenance, keeping you on the road
  • Specially trained and qualified staff across 40 retailers
  • Special tools and diagnostic equipment specific to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Quality maintenance.

It is important to have your vehicle checked on a regular basis. But not all maintenance is the same: for example, cost efficiency and value retention are particularly important for your newly acquired Commercial Vehicle. Wear and tear repairs and ensuring mobility come to the fore with an older model. We offer you the right services to maintain your vehicle’s value and performance now and into the future.

Quality repairs.

In the event that your vehicle has to be repaired, your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle is in good hands with us. With our innovative workshop equipment and special tools specific to our Commercial Vehicles, we carry out all services professionally and in accordance with Volkswagen guidelines.

Workshop qualification.

Specially trained staff carries out the work required on your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle within our 43 strong Service Network. Our mechanics are professionally trained and undertake regular training given by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle experts. They have superb knowledge of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model range and current technologies and are assured in their handling of our special tools and diagnostic equipment.

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Current Offers

Our service and maintenance offers are designed to protect you and keep you on the road.

Roadside Assistance

Volkswagen Assistance is a free and comprehensive motoring assistance service for all new Volkswagen models. Created to perfectly compliment your vehicle’s full two year unlimited mileage warranty, Volkswagen Assistance offers owners peace-of-mind motoring at home and abroad.

Mobile Apps

See the world of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles come to life on your mobile device! The free Volkswagen Service app is designed to support you on every journey, providing helpful information and additional features for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

Service Plans

At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, our Service Plans are designed to make servicing costs affordable, ensuring exceptional care for your vehicle. Our service plans ensure that you get the benefits from our expertise as well as first-class customer service.