Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

Keep your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle genuine.

Our Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are synonymous with top quality, high cost efficiency and an impressive service life. Of course, we equip your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle with Volkswagen Genuine Parts® during manufacture. The parts are continuously upgraded by us and regularly tested by independent testing institutes, where their outstanding properties are confirmed.

What are the main benefits of Volkswagen Genuine Parts?

  • They are of the highest quality.
  • They provide maximum reliability.
  • They guarantee your safety.
  • They have a long service life.
  • They constantly undergo innovative changes.
  • They are identical to the parts from series model production.
  • They have undergone demanding tests.

And a 2 year guarantee is provided for all Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

For more information, speak to your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Retailer.

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Genuine Parts

Genuine brake pads are tailored specifically to your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle and its weight, engine output and top speed, allowing for optimum braking performance, shorter stopping distances and enhanced service life as well as enhancing the safety of your vehicle for other road users, passengers and pedestrians.

Volkswagen Economy Parts.

Prices tailored to the age of the vehicle: Volkswagen Economy Parts are cost-effective parts alternatives for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles which are 5 years or older.

Exchange parts

Exchange parts.

With our Exchange Parts, we provide you with a technically equivalent and cost-effective alternative to our Genuine Parts.


Whether they be for extra style, protection or practicality, accessories can personalise and enhance your vehicle. So we created an extensive range of Volkswagen approved accessories that can be fitted at your local Van Centre.