Driver Assistance Systems 1

Intelligent driver assistants give you peace of mind.

Driving a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle offers high levels of safety and peace of mind, thanks to a host of standard and optional driver assistance systems. Whether you require assistance when parking, driving, changing lanes or towing a trailer, the latest assistants monitor the situation, taking preventative action in critical situations.

Proximity Sensing

The Front Assist autonomous emergency braking is capable of detecting and warning of impending frontal collisions. The system can also support the driver when braking and avoiding other vehicles, and automatically slow down the vehicle.

Front Assist detects situations by means of a camera in the top of the windscreen and a radar sensor in the front of the vehicle.

The radar sensor built into the front of the vehicle detects vehicles ahead.

In critical situations, the driver initially receives a warning and the vehicle is primed for braking.

Should the driver brake the vehicle, the braking may possibly be reinforced to prevent a collision.

In the event that the driver does not respond, the system performs automatic braking.


The brake assist system aids the driver in critical situations.

Avoidance or mitigation of collisions.

Note - Front assist can help to avoid accidents, but does not replace the driver remaining alert. Front Assist solely works within the limits of the system. Warning times vary depending on the traffic situation and the behaviour of the driver.

Parking and Manoeuvering

Simplifies parking by showing a limited view of the area behind the vehicle on the display of the radio or navigation system. Additional guidelines help the driver manoeuvre into the space. Optional on all models.