, 2019-07-05 00:05:51

The Crafter 2+1 warranty.

Free one-year warranty.

When purchasing a Crafter, you automatically benefit from our 2+1 warranty completely free of charge. This means: after the two-year warranty period has elapsed, you are given another year warranty. The 2+1 warranty applies to all Crafter GPs from week 18/2011, up to a maximum total mileage of 250,000 km. Please note: the mileage limit only applies in the 3rd year. The Crafter 2+1 warranty applies to all Crafter models, from the Chassis, Kombi and Delivery Van through to the Dropside Van.

Of course, wear and tear, non-Volkswagen bodies, non-Volkswagen fittings and non-Volkswagen conversions, as well as defects to the vehicle resulting from these, are excluded from the Crafter 2+1 warranty. The same applies to accessories not installed in the factory.