The Crafter Dropside Van drives quickly through a construction site.

The Crafter Dropside Van

    • Price from€39,485.00
    Excludes delivery charges

    Plenty of space for material. And your entire team.

    The Crafter Dropside Van  is designed for the really heavy duty jobs. It’s made of the same tough stuff as its drivers are. Even if it can’t do absolutely everything for you, it has plenty of features on board to make your daily working live much easier.

    Extra impressive

    Keep your cockpit, office and breakout room with you at all times

    Do you spend a large part of your working day out and about? Then you’ll know that your vehicle is not just a means of transport. It is somewhere that you can organise your documents, arrange appointments and charge your mobile phone. Or even enjoy your lunch break. With countless storage areas and connections, an optional ergoComfort suspension seat and optional heated multifunction steering wheel, the Crafter Dropside is ideally prepared for everything you need.